Modernize key mass transactions in collaboration with a provincial law enforcement agency, focusing on licensing, insurance, claims, registration, and driver safety.

The Process
User-Centric Foundation:
Created personas and journey maps to align design goals with stakeholder input.
Ideation and Conceptualization:
Translated concepts into low-fidelity prototypes for quick validation.
Collaboration with Dev Team:
Seamless Design-to-Development: Worked closely with the development team to ensure a cohesive design process, considering technical constraints and opportunities for a smooth transition.
Documentation and Communication:
Developed wireframes and design specifications, maintaining open channels with clients and the team.
Handover and Continuous Improvement:
Delivered high-fidelity prototypes and detailed design documentation for a smooth transition, with post-launch monitoring for enhancements.

Accessibility Integration:
Ensured adherence to accessibility standards and customized the design for law enforcement officers' unique needs.
• Implemented accessibility standards and remade the UX style guide for inclusivity.
• Customized the platform for law enforcement officers, optimizing usability in office and vehicle environments.

Created a cutting-edge online auto insurance platform for law enforcement officers and insurance brokers.
•Custom-built platform from the ground up.
•Fully responsive 3-pane interface.
Cross-Platform compatibility

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