The Challenge
Design a Scalable Portal for Property Managers, Optimizing Processes to Save Costs for Energy Providers.

The Process
Identified problem and significance. Conducted research and competitor analysis.
Interviews & Journey Mapping
Conducted user interviews for insights. Created journey maps and personas. Defined success criteria.
Wireframing & Prototyping
Designed wireframes and prototypes based on insights. Ensured scalability and comprehensive architecture.
Understanding the Landscape
Analyzed existing energy management portals for trends and pain points.
Incorporating Brand Elements
Integrated brand visuals for a consistent design.
Accessibility and Inclusivity
Applied inclusive design principles for diverse users.
Stakeholder Collaboration
Iteratively incorporated stakeholder feedback for collaborative design.
Outlined user-centred portal plans with iterative improvements for Property Managers, aiming for significant time and cost savings for Business users in the energy service provider domain.
Key Achievements:
• Outlined iterative design process for portal development
• Incorporated user feedback to enhance usability and efficiency for Property Managers
• Proposed scalable solutions to optimize workflows.
• Developed a cohesive User Interface
• Coordinated with developer team to ensure a comprehensive, data-driven design and development process

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